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3000 years back in time

When people arrive at our concerts they look skeptical, and say: "What is this?". When they leave the venue, they look blessed. Because they have been put in ancient-mode. 3000 years back in time. Not bad.



Video: Kristian Davik Larssen

Klang av oldtid

Authentic copies of the 3000 years old bronze lurs

«Klang av Oldtid» is a Norwegian ensemble established in 2013, with authentic copies of the 3000 years old bronze lurs. Since the beginning the ensemble has developed a broad repertoire based on improvisation and commissioned works, released on the CD; «Bronselur» in 2015 and «Tunesteinen» in 2018. The ensemble consists of six musicians. Beside bronze lurs we are using wooden lurs, ramhorns, percussion, song and electronics. The main focus of our concerts is to present a picture of the ancient time, information about the history and the areas these instruments were spread, the bronze cast and rock art in the form of petroglyphs and cave painting.

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